Mon 5 - Sat 10 December 2022 Auckland, New Zealand

Programming notations, tools, and environments can provide programmers with a suitable level of abstraction according to their expertise and intended use case, ranging from tools for compiler construction, or creative coding, to business management. Furthermore, through adapted notations, tools, or environments, programmers or end-users working in a specific domain benefit from a tool environment that reduces the incidental complexity of general-purpose environments.

In this workshop, we want to discuss programming environments that support users in working with and creating domain-specific abstractions and notations. Topics of interest include the composition and integration of domain-specific abstractions and tools inside general-purpose programming languages and environments, the implementation and evaluation of editing ergonomics and UX concerns, or tool support for creating domain-specific abstractions and tools. Environments that typically exhibit such properties include meta tools or tool creation frameworks, language workbenches, block-based editors and other visual programming approaches or projectional editors.