Mon 14 - Sat 19 November 2022 Location to be announced

Following its long-standing tradition, SPLASH will host a variety of workshops, allowing their participants to meet and discuss research questions with peers, to mature new and exciting ideas, and to build up communities and start new collaborations. SPLASH workshops complement the main tracks of the conference and provide meetings in a smaller and more specialized setting.

Call for Workshops

We encourage proposals for workshops on any topic relevant to SPLASH. If there is a topic that you feel passionate about, and want to connect with others who have similar interests, submit a workshop proposal! We more than welcome new, and unconventional ideas for workshop formats. The following suggestions are a starting point:

  • Conference-style workshops allow participants to present their work to other domain experts. The smaller and more focused setting of a workshop allows for Q&A sessions and facilitates discussions. Presentations of work-in-progress are welcome.
  • Retreats act as a platform for experts to gather to tackle issues of a predetermined research agenda. Retreats are highly interactive and goal-oriented, allowing participants to address open challenges, explore new and uncharted ideas.
  • Agenda-setting workshops provide a forum for experts to determine a research agenda for a sub-field.
  • Other common activities at workshops include poster sessions, hands-on practical work, and focus groups.

Submission and deadline information will be available soon!